Are You Sleeping?

Wake Up! and win.

S Sexually Active with more than one partner at the same time while not using protection? YesNo
L Living in an emotionally and physically unhealthy environment that can make you cry, feel unsafe, or have low self esteem? YesNo
E Eating unhealthy foods that are not part of a good diet and can make you sick? YesNo
E Engaged in unsafe and unhealthy behaviors like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, or using street drugs? YesNo
P Peering with negative role models or negative friends who do not allow you to become the best person you can become? YesNo
I Indecisive about your passion in life? YesNo
N Not sure about the contributions you have the potential to make for yourself and others around you? YesNo
G Giving up on your dreams because those around you without dreams of their own do not seem to support you? -Don’t follow along with the crowd! YesNo


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If you answered yes to any of these questions (WAKE UP)
Turn things around!
Turn things around by choosing to involve yourself in positive relationships inside and outside of your home.
Turn things around by trying to stay away from junk foods, street drugs, smoking, or drinking too much.
Turn things around by surrounding yourself with people and environments that allow you to feel good about yourself.
Feeling good about you is the first step to staying healthy, being well, and becoming successful.
There’s a winner every month!