Welcome To African American Wealth (AAW)

AAW offers viewers a fresh perspective on the health and wellness of African-Americans and Africans in the remaining diaspora and on the continent. Wellness is wealth and the first step for successful living.

AAW is for you if you are tired of witnessing the health care disparities between all African people and other populations of the world. Do you want to see good health for people of color in the United States, Africa, and other areas of the African diaspora?

AAW is for you if you want to think out of the box that keeps people of color thinking that they have more potential of becoming ill than staying healthy.

AAW is for you if, as African-Americans and Africans, you want to look beyond your immediate environment to remain a healthy part of this global village in the 21st century.

AAW is for anyone open to new learning about Africa, African-Americans and the African diaspora.

AAW is the virtual home of Empowered Living Initiative (ELI), a non-profit 501 (c) (3) based in New York.  ELI’s motto is to “Live Powerfully”.  Through AAW, ELI challenges African-Americans and Africans in the remaining diaspora and on the continent to communicate, choose health, live powerfully, while acknowledging that the aspects of their shared historical, and cultural histories are fundamental to mental health, physical health and wellness.

AAW notes that African-American wealth is health

AAW also notes that there can be no personal or family success for African-Americans, Africans in the remaining diaspora and on the continent without the state of health and wellness. Stay with

AAW, we’re your global window for good health and wellness

Being your global window means that AAW’s focus, from a global perspective, compares and contrasts the health and wellness issues of African-Americans with that of the African in the remaining diaspora and on the African continent.  Being your global window means that although AAW’s focus is on the health issues of African-Americans, we welcome engagement from other members of the African diaspora in Europe, South America, Caribbean—wherever African people reside. AAW does this to highlight our two main perspectives:

AAW Perspective #1: Worldwide, despite American city or African country, people of color experience similar health problems.  Worldwide, despite American city or African country, people of color are more likely to experience poverty that can lead to the same health problems. Worldwide, despite American city or African country, people of color are less likely to have access to health care personnel.

Consider the following examples: Due to complications of Diabetes, Hypertension, Preeclampsia or uncontrolled bleeding after infant delivery, African-American women are more likely to die in childbirth than any other ethnic group in the United States.  One in eight women on the African continent will die in childbirth due to the same complications.  African-American babies are more likely than other ethnic groups in the United States to be born premature or suffer from malnutrition. On the African continent, African babies suffer the same circumstances.

Globally, mental health issues like depression, or issues of hypertension, cancer, or sickle cell are not effectively addressed and resolved for African-Americans or Africans on the continent. AAW disputes the arguments that ethnicity is the primary factor in these health care disparities. AAW highlights poverty and poor lifestyle circumstances as the primary factor in health care disparities.

Common global problems warrant common global interventions for solutions.  It is the intension of AAW to provide this on-line forum for discussing these common global health problems affecting African-Americans and Africans on the continent and worldwide.

AAW Perspective #2: The basis of African-American mental, physical strength and wellness is personal acceptance of a shared African heritage from the continent to the diaspora. African-American and African progress in the 21st century is dependent on self-love. And, the progress of Africans on the continent and diaspora are intertwined. We must help each other to move forward toward a common destiny.

Through this website, AAW sends the following three (3) messages:

Message #1: The African-American family in the United States is diverse and African-Americans are not a homogenous group synonymous with one skin color. African-Americans have different skin colors from white to black. African-American lifestyles reflect being recent immigrants from the Caribbean, South America, Asia, Europe, other parts of the world, and even a mixture of cultures.

African-Americans are first, second or third generation Americans.  African-Americans share different languages—French, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Arabic and many African dialects. African-Americans share different lifestyle experiences. African-Americans of a darker skin color have been documented by the American medical profession to experience an increase in certain health problems. AAW disputes this notion. African-Americans should not allow themselves to being categorized by health care professionals as one group of people. AAW makes an effort to present itself through diverse languages and cultures.

Message #2: The mind and body connection is very powerful. AAW observes that in the mind body connection wellness is 80% socio-cultural and 20% physiological and genetically based. In AAW’s view, this means that the similar health problems experienced by African-Americans and Africans in the remaining diaspora and on the continent are results of poverty, poor lifestyle habits, poor social and environmental circumstances, not ethnicity.

With poverty, poor lifestyle habits, poor education, and poor access to healthcare, any human being can become ill. Therefore, African-Americans and Africans on the continent as well as other parts of the African diaspora have the power to choose to remain healthy. A person who believes he is more likely than others around him to be sick, will become sick.  Choose to believe you can remain healthy and you will remain well. AAW concentrates on preventing illness by focusing on good nutrition, positive lifestyle habits, and positive frame of mind.

Message #3: AAW acknowledges the power and potential of the African diaspora to improve the health and wellness on the African continent. Through discussion on AAW’s on-line forum, we can share ideas, learn from each other’s circumstances  and experiences in the world to find the commons solutions we need for improved global healthcare.