AAW accepts articles, music videos, and video interviews of health care professionals from all over the U.S. and other countries. We accept articles of 600-800 words limit for our Family Security, Housing Security, Financial Security, Family Health, Environmental Health sections. Family Security discusses your plans and actions taken for domestic safety and positive communication between family members. Housing Security discusses your plans and actions in maintaining stable homes within unpredictable lifestyle circumstances. Financial Security discusses your plans and actions in keeping your family financially stable within unpredictable lifestyle circumstances. Family Health discusses health problems experienced by you and/or family members. What solutions did you find to cope with this health problem? Environmental Health discusses toxins you have identified in your environment. How are you coping with identified toxin(s)?

Foreign language authors, please engage someone who can translate your submission into English. Articles for AAW’s Family, Housing, and Financial Security sections should reflect innovative ideas that have become implemented solutions to an identified community problem. State what qualifies you (by profession or experience to write this article). Write to use language that is simple, comfortable, as if you are talking to someone. Video interviews of health care professionals should be no more than eight (8) minutes in length. Foreign language interviewers, please submit your interview with English subtitles (captions).  Music videos should be no more than three (3) minutes in length.

A monetary compensation will be made to author(s)/interviewer(s) of accepted articles and videos for copy rights.  AAW will not claim exclusive copy rights. We request that if after selling your submission to AAW and you wish to solicit other publications, you acknowledge that your work has appeared in AAW.  E-mail your submission to :communications@africanamericanwealth.us

You must be prepared to sign a statement that your article and video submissions are original creations and not duplicated from someone else’s work. Potential authors must review and be prepared to sign this AUTHOR CONTRACT. Click here to review author contract

Please download the following contract and either e-mail or upload it to AAW.

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