Housing Security

Housing security is essential to good health. Loss of a stable home is very stressful. Unmanageable stress has been proven to weaken the body and possibly lead to physical and mental illness. Having the peace of mind that comes from a secure home environment is essential to maintaining mental and physical health. It is important for families to realize how much an insecure home environment can be damaging to their overall wellness.

Fortunately in the United States, there are established agencies that can be of service when families are threatened with loosing their home or have difficulties finding a home. The Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) is a U.S. government agency that assists families in getting the housing environment they desire. FHEO fights against housing discrimination due to race, color, or religion. For more information, FHEO website is www.hud.gov/fai

African –American families who are recent immigrants to the Unites States often have relatives in their home countries who do not have housing security. Displaced relatives due to civil war or poverty can interfere with the mental and physical health of everyone involved.

For African –American families with loved ones remaining in their home countries, there are non-profit international agencies that can assist with secure housing needs. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) established in 1933 has provided housing assistance in over 40 countries. The IRC website is: https://www.rescue.org. Habitat for Humanity has built thousands of secure homes in the United States and worldwide for individuals displaced by poverty, social conflicts and civil wars. Habitat For Humanity’s website is : https://www.habitat.org.

There is no effort more effective than self-responsibility in home security. Individual families must establish their plans to maintain their stable homes to maintain family health. AAW welcomes your stories.