There are one billion physically challenged people worldwide. The physically challenged are the world’s largest minority. They have been physically challenged by birth injuries, forced amputations during wars, accidents, or as results of disease. In developed countries, there are anti-discrimination laws that protect the rights of the physically challenged who are blind, deaf, amputees, mentally or physically compromised.

In developing countries, these anti-discrimination laws either do not exist or are not enforced. As a result, the majority of the world’s largest minority cannot get jobs, have little accessibility to transportation, and live difficult lives.
However, as a source of spiritual survival as well as remaining active societal participants, amputee soccer players worldwide have been competing in nationally and internationally recognized soccer games.

AAW advocates for the inclusion of the physically challenged being incorporated into all societies of the developing world in the manner that nations like the United States have endorsed. One billion individuals, one in 7 people in the world, must be recognized as vital to maintain the health and wellness of their communities. Check AAW’s “Cultural Corner” and