Family Security

Family security is essential to good health. When you, your children, and other family members are not surrounded by a physically and emotionally secure environment, everyone in the family is at risk for ill health. Stress resulting from concerns about lack of family security, affects mental and physical wellness.

Domestic violence in the form of child or spousal abuse, sexual assault or verbal and psychological abuse can present long-term damaging effects to the African-American family unit. In African countries that have experienced civil wars, rape of women and children, there has been a direct correlation between family insecurity and health problems.

The National Coalition For Domestic Violence works within the United States to support survivors of domestic violence. There website is:

Safe Horizon supports men and women survivors of domestic violence. Their website is:

The Clark County Prosecuting Attorney highlights support for male survivors of domestic violence. Their website is:

The Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline’s website is :

Covenant House began its services to homeless and runaway youth in 1972. They have been successful in assisting at risk youth to transition to secure lifestyles. Their website

An international agency that works to prevent violence against women and children is:

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